So Aaron Hernandez whooped some ass today

So TMZ is reporting that Hernandez got into another fight with an inmate today. Apparently the guy was talking shit to Hernandez when Aaron was locked up in solitary, but couldn’t back it up when the two met later in the hall. If you think it’s a coincidence that the guy who pissed off Hernandez just so happened to be the same guy stuck alone in a hall with him later, then you really don’t know how the real world works. This is some Goodfellas type shit. The second Hernandez got mad, there was probably just a bunch of nods, and before you know it Aaron’s got some one on one time with the dude.

But let’s get to the more important point here. I know criminals are usually dumb, but you have to be completely brain dead to start a fight with Aaron Hernandez. Well, the dude definitely is now but still. At what point did talking shit ever seem like a good idea? I mean, you’re telling me that this guy:


the 6’3″ 250lbs freak athlete covered in tattoos, who’s in prison under suspicion of MULTIPLE murders and various gang connections might not be the best person to pick a fight with? No shit Sherlock. It’s also warm in the summer and wet when it rains, just FYI. I know fighting people in prison is a way to keep your self from daily assrape, but there’s gotta be a point where you step back and say, “No. That man played a sport where he willingly let his head and body collide with other 200+ pound men on a daily basis. Punching him may not be the best option.” Follow that up with some light reading on do-it-yourself shiv making and maybe keep yourself out of a fist induced coma. Thought this was common sense but I guess it needs to be said.

Also, on a semi-related note, it’s funny to see that “goes in tight end, comes out wide receiver joke” again. It’s been a while since everyone and their brother was making that joke. Ironic now, seeing how Hernandez is the one fucking everyone else up.


2 thoughts on “So Aaron Hernandez whooped some ass today

    1. unfortunately, that’s how the world works. hernandez has some serious connections and money, so a guard in need will look the other way for the right price. rules don’t apply when a celebrity goes to jail

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