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The custom jersey barrage just won’t stop: Durham Bulls are breaking out the R2-D2 jerseys



Article– I don’t know when the love affair started between minor league sports teams and crazy custom jerseys, but I for one hope it never ends. Whether it’s bacon gear, TMNT jerseys, or whatever, I love it. Doesn’t matter the team or the sport these jerseys will never get old. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


I’ve never wanted something as badly as I want one of these Fresno Grizzlies jerseys


From the Fresno Grizzlies official Twitter. Take that back. I don’t want one of these, I need one. I mean it would be crazy not to own one, if not all four. Maybe the best jersey crossover ever. Wouldn’t be surprised if the team just ditches the regular jersey and logos and rolls with these forever because that would be too good of an idea to ignore. Fresno Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 bandwagon just started up. Fuck copyright, make it happen.

Leonardo Blue, large, in case anyone wants to send me one or two or ten.

Finally: Replay is coming to the MLB


Full article here.

Even though there has been replay used sparingly in recent years, MLB finally entered the modern era and expanded its use to all close or questionable calls. This isn’t going to give Armando Galarraga his perfect game or take Jeter’s homer off the board, but it’s a step in the right direction. With these newer, hi-def cameras at every game, it’s become a lot more clear to see when an umpire blows or misses a call. And social media immediately blows up those calls for the whole country to see. MLB couldn’t keep carrying on ignoring all the fire their umpires were coming under because those umpires don’t deserve it. Nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but the league needed to have something in place to make sure those mistakes didn’t affect the outcome of games. And today they finally did it; the owners unanimously approving this only validates that it was long overdue.

There is one downside that no one is talking about. The league is allowing managers to challenge calls they don’t like. Most see this as a plus, but think of when this is going to be applied. If a manager dislikes a call, he challenges, they review, and correct it. Super simple, cut and dry. In the past, however, if a manager disliked a call, he would go out there and argue. And those arguments always had the potential to explode into a fight, an ejection, or both. Manager meltdowns and ejections are the backbone of baseball. It’s what made whatever team Lou Piniella was managing must-watch TV. Sad, sad day for those, like myself, who love a good manager meltdown. We will always have the memories…

Lou Piniella, Brian GormanzMD3zMD1zMD2zMD5   ejected from the game, forever in our hearts


I wish this was fake: Baseball Coach sues player for over half a million dollars

Article– Have you ever read the Onion? You know, the website that always has ridiculously fake headlines and articles that stupid people believe and post on Facebook? When I first saw this headline I immediately assumed this was fake life. No way this is a real lawsuit. But sadly it is. A grown ass man is suing a 14 year old kid for roughly $600K. The reason? The kid scored the winning run and threw his helmet in the air. The coach claims it struck his Achilles tendon, tearing it and causing him to miss work. The pain, suffering, and lost wages from this obviously intentional act is somehow worth over half a million.

The coach in question, Alan Beck, is a chiropractor (the fakest doctors), so we can already assume he was probably never very athletic. Still, I don’t see how you let this happen. Coaches are usually around their bench right? Midway between 1st and home on each side? That puts him probably 20ft from home, where the kid scored and threw his helmet to celebrate. How bad was this guys awareness that he not only missed the kid throw the helmet, but somehow lost it in the air and allowed it to hit him? I mean he had to be watching the play happen. This was the game winning play. He had to be looking at the kid and what’s going on, because that’s what coaches do. I just don’t see how this coach let this happen. Baffling to say the least. Obviously this guy is done coaching as well. I can’t imagine another parent in America who would sign their kid up for a crybaby coach who sues his players. Or a parent who would choose to hang out with a man who sues their kids. Really sucks to be Alan Beck today.