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New Shoe Friday

j2ic j2icII

Kicking off New Shoe Friday we have the classic Air Jordan 2 design dropping 4/12/14 and will be retailing at $170.  The Jordan 2 style is an acquired taste.  I’ve seen people that love them and others that despise them.  The design of the shoe is a not really comparable to any other Jordan’s and is not considered most fashionable.  Although, I believe their unique make-up is worth collecting and rocking with whatever you wear.  Let’s get into the new color way releasing next Saturday.  These Jordan 2s will have the original cement pattern mixed with infrared, hence the name, Jordan 2 Infrared Cements.  Black leather goes through the middle and upper parts of the shoe giving them a remarkable color scheme.  I would cop these just because Jordan 2s rarely drop and the color way sure does stand out.

k9tcII k9tc

Bet you could guess what other shoe is coming out next Friday.  Another color way for the Kobe 9 Elites!  The Kobe 9 Elite Team Collections will be dropping 4/11/14 and will retail at $225.  These conform to the classic Lakers colors of purple, white and gold.  I’ve wrote so many pieces on the Kobe 9s that I think you know where I stand.  You like to hoop? Get them.  You like traditional Lakers colors? Get them.  Don’t mind spending $225 for some shoes? Get them.  They’ll only benefit you.  Have a great Friday everyone!



New Shoe Friday

kdap kdapII

These are definitely an acquired taste, but I’d pick these up!  Introducing the KD 6 Supreme Aunt Pearls.  These will be releasing 2/27/14 and will retail at $150.  In respects to fighting breast cancer, Nike has created a pink floral design on upper part of the shoe as well as the lining.  Photo blue accents with the Nike swoosh and tongue, with the breast cancer ribbon to top it all off.  Go cop these for a good cause and to stand out in the crowd!

kbi kbii

Next, we have the Kobe 9 Elite Inspirations.  These are releasing 3/1/14 and retail at $225. As I mentioned before, the Kobe Elites feature flyknit, flywire and lunarlon providing the shoe with lightweight performance.  Great shoes to hoop in and one of the best Kobe models I’ve wore.  These feature black and metallic silver as the primary colors with some yellow/gold as the secondary.  If this color isn’t for you there are other Kobe 9 models to choose from and more coming out (alternate colorways shown in the header)!  I highly recommend these if you’re playing basketball and it doesn’t hurt to have everyone wishing they had your shoes.

kd6II kd6

Now these will catch everyone’s eyes if you put these on. Introducing the KD 6 Ligers. Remember Napoleon Dynamite? Of course you do, everyone does. Anyways, these will be releasing 3/1/14 and will retail at $130. Electric green absorbed with animal print and other intense colors makes these amazingly bright and perfect if you want to make a statement. If you have extra money to spend or a collector then I’d get these, but otherwise I’d pass. Honestly too crazy of a design for me, but they might just be what your looking for!

foam foamII

Finishing off New Shoe Friday, we have the Metallic Camo Foamposites.  These will be releasing 3/1/14 and retail at a whopping $250. I’ve heard some talk about these and everyone has been anticipating a new design for the Foamposite models.  These feature mostly metallic silver across the shoe with a volt colored sole.  Foamposites just aren’t for me and honestly this color way isn’t the best, but the people that do wear foams have created some hype around these.  Can’t knock anyone’s style so if these are your type of shoes, go pick them up!