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Friendly Reminder: Don’t believe a damn thing you read today


I don’t think it really needs to be said because any fan with a rational brain knows the drill for today, but I’ll say it anyways. Nothing posted today is true until it’s true tomorrow as well. Let’s not forget that people legitimately thought Jim Harbaugh was launching a clothing line last year and that the Memphis Grizzlies signed an 8′ center to the team. Everything today is bullshit, so just keeps your head down and wait for it all to die down. Even if an official spokesman or someone involved with the team is heavily backing something, don’t fall for it. Even your closest friends and family can’t be trusted. Nothing major will happen today because if someone wants to be taken seriously, they’re not gonna make a major announcement on a day dedicated to lies.



I’ve never wanted something as badly as I want one of these Fresno Grizzlies jerseys


From the Fresno Grizzlies official Twitter. Take that back. I don’t want one of these, I need one. I mean it would be crazy not to own one, if not all four. Maybe the best jersey crossover ever. Wouldn’t be surprised if the team just ditches the regular jersey and logos and rolls with these forever because that would be too good of an idea to ignore. Fresno Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 bandwagon just started up. Fuck copyright, make it happen.

Leonardo Blue, large, in case anyone wants to send me one or two or ten.