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New Shoe Friday

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Kicking off New Shoe Friday we have the classic Air Jordan 2 design dropping 4/12/14 and will be retailing at $170.  The Jordan 2 style is an acquired taste.  I’ve seen people that love them and others that despise them.  The design of the shoe is a not really comparable to any other Jordan’s and is not considered most fashionable.  Although, I believe their unique make-up is worth collecting and rocking with whatever you wear.  Let’s get into the new color way releasing next Saturday.  These Jordan 2s will have the original cement pattern mixed with infrared, hence the name, Jordan 2 Infrared Cements.  Black leather goes through the middle and upper parts of the shoe giving them a remarkable color scheme.  I would cop these just because Jordan 2s rarely drop and the color way sure does stand out.

k9tcII k9tc

Bet you could guess what other shoe is coming out next Friday.  Another color way for the Kobe 9 Elites!  The Kobe 9 Elite Team Collections will be dropping 4/11/14 and will retail at $225.  These conform to the classic Lakers colors of purple, white and gold.  I’ve wrote so many pieces on the Kobe 9s that I think you know where I stand.  You like to hoop? Get them.  You like traditional Lakers colors? Get them.  Don’t mind spending $225 for some shoes? Get them.  They’ll only benefit you.  Have a great Friday everyone!



New Shoe Friday (on Sunday)

–Big batch of shoes this week with the All Star game coming up. All these shoes bring the heat. Might be the first time we’ve recommended all the shoes we review.–


To no surprise, more LeBrons are releasing this upcoming week.  First, we have the LeBron 11 Fruity Pebbles (left).  These are releasing 2/13/14 and will retail at $140. I like the colorway consisting of mostly laser crimson, but what really deserves attention is the multicolored “fruity pebble” soles.  Looks like a pair I’d pick up.  Also releasing are the LeBron 11 ASG Gator Kings (right).  They will be releasing 2/14/14 and will retail at $220. These are quite unique with hand-drawn patterns along the shoe and colorways consisting of purples, greens and gold.  Alligator inspired, making them a must cop.

zKD6 zKD6o

Kevin Durant also has some kicks on the way.  The KD 6 ASG Illusions.  These release 2/14/14 and will retail at $150.  The design is crazy on these! Hand-drawn patterns on the upper part of the shoe along with a glow-in-the-dark outsole.  KD’s shoes also bucking the ASG trend with some low cuts. KD is killing it in the league and killing it with his shoes too. 

zK9Mo zK9M

The Kobe Masterpieces blew me away, but these are even better in my opinion.  These are the Kobe 9 ASG Maestros.  These release 2/14/14 and will retail at $225.  Check the colorway on these.  Brass and glow-in-the-dark designs on the upper part of the shoe, with a glow-in-the-dark outsole, the third to do so.  I like the design on the ankle support too.  No need to say it, these are a must cop!


Bringing up the rear is a batch of some classic Jordans.  First, we have the Jordan 6 White Infrareds releasing 2/15/14 for $170.  These feature white leather on the upper part of the shoe with black accents on the tongue and other small areas.  The midsole is comprised of a sleek infrared coloring.  I own a pair of these already from the Infrared Pack that came out a couple years ago.  Needless to say, I love my pair.  I’m curious how the material will turn out on these because as we all know, Jordan’s materials seem to get cheaper and cheaper.  But, who knows these could be good!

zJI zJIo

The Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23s are releasing 2/15/14 at $170.  These look dope! I like all red shoes because they stand out so much. Got to make statements with your kicks! Anyways, these are the same as the White Infrareds in design except the whole shoe is flip-flopped with Infrared as the primary and black accents on outsole with some icy white.  I’m not even going to tell you to get these because you should already know you are.