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New Shoe Friday

j2ic j2icII

Kicking off New Shoe Friday we have the classic Air Jordan 2 design dropping 4/12/14 and will be retailing at $170.  The Jordan 2 style is an acquired taste.  I’ve seen people that love them and others that despise them.  The design of the shoe is a not really comparable to any other Jordan’s and is not considered most fashionable.  Although, I believe their unique make-up is worth collecting and rocking with whatever you wear.  Let’s get into the new color way releasing next Saturday.  These Jordan 2s will have the original cement pattern mixed with infrared, hence the name, Jordan 2 Infrared Cements.  Black leather goes through the middle and upper parts of the shoe giving them a remarkable color scheme.  I would cop these just because Jordan 2s rarely drop and the color way sure does stand out.

k9tcII k9tc

Bet you could guess what other shoe is coming out next Friday.  Another color way for the Kobe 9 Elites!  The Kobe 9 Elite Team Collections will be dropping 4/11/14 and will retail at $225.  These conform to the classic Lakers colors of purple, white and gold.  I’ve wrote so many pieces on the Kobe 9s that I think you know where I stand.  You like to hoop? Get them.  You like traditional Lakers colors? Get them.  Don’t mind spending $225 for some shoes? Get them.  They’ll only benefit you.  Have a great Friday everyone!



Kobe Bryant’s body may be broken, but his insult game is absolutely on point



Shots mutha fuckin fired! Kobe may have been ruled out for the rest of the season, but that’s not going to stop him from letting everyone know that the Clippers will forever be the red-headed step-child when it comes to basketball in LA. Yeah, the Lakers were on the wrong side of a vicious beatdown last Thursday. In case you missed it:


Ouch. So Kobe let the Clippers and their fans enjoy this for a week because he’s a nice guy. But once people started talking about how the Lakers are done and the Clippers are the new face of LA, he delivered an absolute knockout. A straight right to the jaw of the Clippers’ fan base. Fight’s over because there is no comeback to an insult that is so demoralizing and true as this. No matter how good the Clippers are doing this season, they will forever be the second best team in their city. How quickly people forget that just 4 years ago the Clippers were the worst team in all of basketball and the Lakers were pulling off back-to-back titles. And how quickly they forget a healthy Kobe, and before him Shaq, have been shitting on their team for almost 20 years. Or the fact that this will only be the 6th time in 30 YEARS that the Clippers will have a better record than the Lakers. But since Clippers fans are exclusively LOB City* bandwagoners, they’re probably unaware of all of this history. Ignorance is bliss I guess. 

So enjoy your 15 minutes Clippers fans. But don’t you ever forget that purple and gold run LA. And when they come back, it will be back to winning NBA Titles, not worrying about regular season victories over injured rivals.

*LOB City only exists because David Stern dicked the Lakers out of getting Chris Paul. The only way a good player would join the Clippers over the Lakers is if the league forces him to. Don’t ever forget that as well.

New Shoe Friday

kdap kdapII

These are definitely an acquired taste, but I’d pick these up!  Introducing the KD 6 Supreme Aunt Pearls.  These will be releasing 2/27/14 and will retail at $150.  In respects to fighting breast cancer, Nike has created a pink floral design on upper part of the shoe as well as the lining.  Photo blue accents with the Nike swoosh and tongue, with the breast cancer ribbon to top it all off.  Go cop these for a good cause and to stand out in the crowd!

kbi kbii

Next, we have the Kobe 9 Elite Inspirations.  These are releasing 3/1/14 and retail at $225. As I mentioned before, the Kobe Elites feature flyknit, flywire and lunarlon providing the shoe with lightweight performance.  Great shoes to hoop in and one of the best Kobe models I’ve wore.  These feature black and metallic silver as the primary colors with some yellow/gold as the secondary.  If this color isn’t for you there are other Kobe 9 models to choose from and more coming out (alternate colorways shown in the header)!  I highly recommend these if you’re playing basketball and it doesn’t hurt to have everyone wishing they had your shoes.

kd6II kd6

Now these will catch everyone’s eyes if you put these on. Introducing the KD 6 Ligers. Remember Napoleon Dynamite? Of course you do, everyone does. Anyways, these will be releasing 3/1/14 and will retail at $130. Electric green absorbed with animal print and other intense colors makes these amazingly bright and perfect if you want to make a statement. If you have extra money to spend or a collector then I’d get these, but otherwise I’d pass. Honestly too crazy of a design for me, but they might just be what your looking for!

foam foamII

Finishing off New Shoe Friday, we have the Metallic Camo Foamposites.  These will be releasing 3/1/14 and retail at a whopping $250. I’ve heard some talk about these and everyone has been anticipating a new design for the Foamposite models.  These feature mostly metallic silver across the shoe with a volt colored sole.  Foamposites just aren’t for me and honestly this color way isn’t the best, but the people that do wear foams have created some hype around these.  Can’t knock anyone’s style so if these are your type of shoes, go pick them up!




New Shoe Friday (on Sunday)

–Big batch of shoes this week with the All Star game coming up. All these shoes bring the heat. Might be the first time we’ve recommended all the shoes we review.–


To no surprise, more LeBrons are releasing this upcoming week.  First, we have the LeBron 11 Fruity Pebbles (left).  These are releasing 2/13/14 and will retail at $140. I like the colorway consisting of mostly laser crimson, but what really deserves attention is the multicolored “fruity pebble” soles.  Looks like a pair I’d pick up.  Also releasing are the LeBron 11 ASG Gator Kings (right).  They will be releasing 2/14/14 and will retail at $220. These are quite unique with hand-drawn patterns along the shoe and colorways consisting of purples, greens and gold.  Alligator inspired, making them a must cop.

zKD6 zKD6o

Kevin Durant also has some kicks on the way.  The KD 6 ASG Illusions.  These release 2/14/14 and will retail at $150.  The design is crazy on these! Hand-drawn patterns on the upper part of the shoe along with a glow-in-the-dark outsole.  KD’s shoes also bucking the ASG trend with some low cuts. KD is killing it in the league and killing it with his shoes too. 

zK9Mo zK9M

The Kobe Masterpieces blew me away, but these are even better in my opinion.  These are the Kobe 9 ASG Maestros.  These release 2/14/14 and will retail at $225.  Check the colorway on these.  Brass and glow-in-the-dark designs on the upper part of the shoe, with a glow-in-the-dark outsole, the third to do so.  I like the design on the ankle support too.  No need to say it, these are a must cop!


Bringing up the rear is a batch of some classic Jordans.  First, we have the Jordan 6 White Infrareds releasing 2/15/14 for $170.  These feature white leather on the upper part of the shoe with black accents on the tongue and other small areas.  The midsole is comprised of a sleek infrared coloring.  I own a pair of these already from the Infrared Pack that came out a couple years ago.  Needless to say, I love my pair.  I’m curious how the material will turn out on these because as we all know, Jordan’s materials seem to get cheaper and cheaper.  But, who knows these could be good!

zJI zJIo

The Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23s are releasing 2/15/14 at $170.  These look dope! I like all red shoes because they stand out so much. Got to make statements with your kicks! Anyways, these are the same as the White Infrareds in design except the whole shoe is flip-flopped with Infrared as the primary and black accents on outsole with some icy white.  I’m not even going to tell you to get these because you should already know you are.


New Shoe Friday

–Due to some technical difficulties me not paying my internet bill, New Shoe Friday is making a special Saturday appearance. Don’t judge, just read up.–

zK9 zK9o

These are called Kobe’s The Masterpiece, and damn do they fit that title well.  They are dropping 2/8/14 and retailing at $225. I’m excited to purchase these to hoop in.  I’ve always used Kobe’s to hoop, but the Kobe 7s threw me off with their stiffness and lack of ankle support.  I tried them on and was instantly against them and switched to Penny’s.  Everyone told me the Kobe 8s were a lot better in every aspect, but once again I passed.  But these Kobe 9s look like they’re in their own category.  There are three key features: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarion.  These features create an outstanding lightweight performance.  Also, great ankle support which is not common with Kobe’s.  Maybe it was inspired by his injuries this year, but either way THESE ARE A MUST COP! Go get yours!


Here we have Kobe’s Adidas Crazy 1s.  These are releasing 2/7/14 and retailing at $125.  These are not my type of style, but were worthy enough to make New Shoe Friday based on the fact Kobe won his first title in Adidas Crazy 1s.  I will say the snow-white colorway looks good and they are affordable, but as far as the design they are too plain.  Will these be your next pick up?


Next, the Spiderman Foamposites.  These are releasing 2/8/14 and retailing at $250.  Foamposites are definitely up with Jordans, LeBrons, Kobes and other top named shoes in popularity.  I come across several Foams on all the shoe communities I’m apart of every day.  Despite the hype, I’ve never owned a pair.  The designs always look unique and the shoes appearance is always fresh, but they’re just not something I could rock. The only Foams I’ve tried to get were the cocaine white ones.  Look those up if you haven’t seen them.  Anyways, if your into foams I’d pick these up.  Superhero theme and the design looks crisp.  Can’t go wrong.


The classic Tiffanys colorway returns. These drop 2/8/14 and are retailing at $108.  These are supposed to be identical to the original Nike SB Tiffanys in all aspects, but now in a high top.  If you didn’t cop the originals then you missed out.  The original colorway was such a classic that they had to bring it back.  These are a must have. Go purchase these.  Enough said.

zAT Finally, the LeBron 11 Atomics.  These come out 2/7/14 and retail at $200.  LeBron is considerably the best player in the league.  Many are fans of his playing as well as his shoes.  These 11s come in mostly atomic orange with navy blue over the laces, Nike swoosh, and other minor details.  You know my stance on LeBrons, but if you own a pair why not add another to your collection.


Carmelo had himself a night

Box score. For those who didn’t watch last night, and considering it was Knicks v Bobcats that’s probably a majority of you, Carmelo went off. He had 37 points by halftime and 56 heading in to the 4th quarter. If the Knicks weren’t already up by 30 when he was subbed out for good, Carmelo would’ve had way more than the 62 points he finished with. Mike Woodosn let Melo get the single-game points record at Madison Square Garden, which was nice, then took him out. With over 9 minutes remaining. Not saying he would’ve passed Kobe’s 81 points, but most would have like to see how many he could get. With how Melo was shooting, leaving him in for even a few more minutes and he would’ve gotten into the 70s easily. Now I’m all for sportsmanship, but it’s not Melo’s job to take the shots and defend them too. If Charlotte wanted to stop him from scoring so easily, then they need to step up their defense; Melo shouldn’t have to leave to make it even. While jacking up 3s in the last minute when your team is up 30 just to get a record is considered  in poor taste, shooting 3s with 9 minutes left is more of a gray area. At least let him have a shot at the record Woodson (although, looking back on Kobe’s game, he really should have scored way more. With the guys he had around him I’m surprised he didn’t average 81 a game that year. Played with a guy named Smush and a literal crack head.)

New Shoe Friday

Another Friday, another batch of new kicks to check out. My buddy Richy breaks it down.

Thank God it’s Friday. We made it.  Here are some of the new kicks coming out next week:


It’s a shame he’s out of the game, but at least he has some dope shoes still coming out.  Starting off New Shoe Friday we have three “Tiger” designs for the Adidas Rose 4.5’s releasing 1/30/14 and retailing at $140. First, the carbon/solar zest/gray color way for a natural Tiger look. Second, the metallic silver/scarlet color way and third the black/white/scarlet color way.  I like all of them based off their great designs and colors.  Never owned a pair myself, but hope they have good support for ACLs.

reebok-insta-pump-fury-black-hypergreen-red1-570x418I had to post these because their design looks like no other shoes out.  These will definitely be an acquired taste, but hey, if you can pull them off why not rock them?  Introducing the Reebok Insta Pump Fury 20th Anniversary OGs.  I like how the hyper green color accents the red and black and they look comfy.  No price is set yet, but they are releasing 1/31/14.  Go get yours!

Kevin Durant’s shoes aren’t my style personally nike-kd-vi-bhm-black-history-month-650x400and feel stiff to hoop in.  I’ve always hooped in Kobe’s or Penny’s, but I do know a lot of people that do play in the KD’s and love them.  Not to mention he’s one of the most dominant players in the NBA right now.  With that being said, here are Nike’s KD VI BHMs, made to honor Black History Month.  They release 2/1/14 and are retailing at $130. With a dominant purple and metallic gold color way are these going to be your next pick up?

zL1 zL2

Also honoring Black History Month, we have the LeBron 11 BHMs releasing 2/1/14 and retailing at $200.  I would get these over the KDs just because the design is way better and I like how the purple accents the anthracite. The metallic gold Nike swoosh tops it all off.  Not a LeBron fan at all, but his last couple shoes are bringing me closer…