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Friendly Reminder: Don’t believe a damn thing you read today


I don’t think it really needs to be said because any fan with a rational brain knows the drill for today, but I’ll say it anyways. Nothing posted today is true until it’s true tomorrow as well. Let’s not forget that people legitimately thought Jim Harbaugh was launching a clothing line last year and that the Memphis Grizzlies signed an 8′ center to the team. Everything today is bullshit, so just keeps your head down and wait for it all to die down. Even if an official spokesman or someone involved with the team is heavily backing something, don’t fall for it. Even your closest friends and family can’t be trusted. Nothing major will happen today because if someone wants to be taken seriously, they’re not gonna make a major announcement on a day dedicated to lies.



The Greatest Movie Ever, Space Jam, is getting a sequel with LeBron as the lead.


Right now talks are just in the works but this looks like it could happen. Really want it to happen because the first Space Jam movie is what got me in to basketball in the first place. Seeing my favorite cartoon characters play this awesome game made me an instant fan of the NBA. I immediately asked my parents if we could go to some Sonics games and that was the year after they made the Finals against Jordan’s Bulls, so they were pretty fun to see. Watching guys like Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Vin Baker, and Ray Allen was awesome. The 90s to early 2000s were some of the best times to be a Sonics fan (we don’t talk about anything after 2008. The Thunder ARE NOT the new Sonics, so don’t ever call them that). And Space Jam was what started it all for me so you’re goddamn right I want a sequel. The big question now is who are gonna be the NBA stars who get their skills stolen by the MonStars? It’s gonna be hard to top the previous line-up of Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, Shawn Bradley, and Larry Johnson. So let’s make a starting 5 of active players who aren’t necessarily the best at their positions, but most likely to sign on to do a movie.

dh dh2

C-Dwight Howard. Even though there are many players better than him at the center position right now, Howard just has the goofy personality to star in an animated movie. While that type of attitude hasn’t earned him many friends since leaving Orlando, he seems to be good with kids and Warner Bros. are gonna eat that shit up. If this was 5 years ago the obvious answer is Shaq, but it’s not so Dwight gets the spot.

bg bg2

PF-Blake Griffin. He’s already extremely marketable and plays in LA so he’s almost a 100% lock to make the movie. Kids are already going to recognize him from his Gamefly commercials and when he jumped over that KIA a few years ago at the dunk contest. His acting is stiff, but he’s really the best choice.

Kevin Love kl2

SF-Kevin Love. This selection seems a bit out there but there’s a few things you need to consider with this one. First, the original MonStars used used a big line-up with Barkley, Bradley, and Ewing because they wanted the animated versions to look big and imposing. Gotta think they’ll do the same this time. Second, you need a token white guy and Blake Griffin doesn’t count. And third, if you’ve been following the Uncle Drew series you know Love has been pretty funny in that so going to a big movie isn’t much of a stretch for him.

dw dw2

SG-Dwyane Wade. If you think LeBron is gonna make a movie and not put his BFF Wade in it you clearly don’t know shit about the NBA, LeBron, or both. These two have been inseparable since the 2008 Olympic team. Wade already comes with a nickname (talking about when he was called Flash) so that’s another plus. I really wanted to put Kobe at this spot but I feel like people still hold that rape shit against him. Harden was another one that was tough to pass up because his Foot Locker commercials are on point, but LeBron is putting Wade in this movie. That’s a lock.

nr nr2

PG-Nate Robinson. Another tough choice just because Kyrie Irving is killing it in the Uncle Drew series and Chris Paul is way more marketable at the moment. But Nate Robinson is practically a cartoon character already so he gets the nod. Being 5’6″ and able to dunk already looks ridiculous so turning him into a cartoon shouldn’t be too hard. He’s also a pretty funny dude so kids are gonna love him.

bm bm2

Coach-Bill Murray. Easiest pick of the day. He’s with Wade as an 100% lock to make the movie. If Warner Bros. don’t bring Murray back in some sort of role they’re just setting themselves up for failure. If he played the role with some 4th-wall breaking lines it would make it even better (“I feel like I’ve done all this before” or something like that). No brainer pick.

Needs to be in the movie in some fashion:

nba shaq

  • Michael Jordan. Along with Bill Murray, this is a no brainer. In some way, shape, or form, even if it’s only a brief cameo, Jordan needs to be in this movie. It would be a crime if he was left out because he still dresses like he’s in the 90s. He really never left Space Jam. He’s more important to this movie than all of the Looney Tunes combined.
  • The original 5 Mon-Star targets. As far as I know none of them are dead so they need to get brought back for some sort of role. Barkley is a must because his debates with Shaq are the only thing that make TNT basketball bearable. Which leads me to…
  • Shaq. How this movie was made the first time around without Shaq is a crime. Maybe he wasn’t as big a star back then because he was still in Orlando, but he is without a doubt one of the faces of the NBA. Every demographic knows who Shaq is and he is money with cameras on him. Best interview you’ve never seen:

So there’s my picks for the new Space Jam movie. Hopefully someone at Warner Bros. reads this and gives me some credit for picking the best possible cast for their new movie, but I doubt it. I will, however, bookmark this page so when the movie comes out and I was exactly right I can feel some false sense of superiority. I feel like in a few years I’m gonna need it because it’s all I’m going to have.


New Shoe Friday (on Sunday)

–Big batch of shoes this week with the All Star game coming up. All these shoes bring the heat. Might be the first time we’ve recommended all the shoes we review.–


To no surprise, more LeBrons are releasing this upcoming week.  First, we have the LeBron 11 Fruity Pebbles (left).  These are releasing 2/13/14 and will retail at $140. I like the colorway consisting of mostly laser crimson, but what really deserves attention is the multicolored “fruity pebble” soles.  Looks like a pair I’d pick up.  Also releasing are the LeBron 11 ASG Gator Kings (right).  They will be releasing 2/14/14 and will retail at $220. These are quite unique with hand-drawn patterns along the shoe and colorways consisting of purples, greens and gold.  Alligator inspired, making them a must cop.

zKD6 zKD6o

Kevin Durant also has some kicks on the way.  The KD 6 ASG Illusions.  These release 2/14/14 and will retail at $150.  The design is crazy on these! Hand-drawn patterns on the upper part of the shoe along with a glow-in-the-dark outsole.  KD’s shoes also bucking the ASG trend with some low cuts. KD is killing it in the league and killing it with his shoes too. 

zK9Mo zK9M

The Kobe Masterpieces blew me away, but these are even better in my opinion.  These are the Kobe 9 ASG Maestros.  These release 2/14/14 and will retail at $225.  Check the colorway on these.  Brass and glow-in-the-dark designs on the upper part of the shoe, with a glow-in-the-dark outsole, the third to do so.  I like the design on the ankle support too.  No need to say it, these are a must cop!


Bringing up the rear is a batch of some classic Jordans.  First, we have the Jordan 6 White Infrareds releasing 2/15/14 for $170.  These feature white leather on the upper part of the shoe with black accents on the tongue and other small areas.  The midsole is comprised of a sleek infrared coloring.  I own a pair of these already from the Infrared Pack that came out a couple years ago.  Needless to say, I love my pair.  I’m curious how the material will turn out on these because as we all know, Jordan’s materials seem to get cheaper and cheaper.  But, who knows these could be good!

zJI zJIo

The Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23s are releasing 2/15/14 at $170.  These look dope! I like all red shoes because they stand out so much. Got to make statements with your kicks! Anyways, these are the same as the White Infrareds in design except the whole shoe is flip-flopped with Infrared as the primary and black accents on outsole with some icy white.  I’m not even going to tell you to get these because you should already know you are.


New Shoe Friday

–Due to some technical difficulties me not paying my internet bill, New Shoe Friday is making a special Saturday appearance. Don’t judge, just read up.–

zK9 zK9o

These are called Kobe’s The Masterpiece, and damn do they fit that title well.  They are dropping 2/8/14 and retailing at $225. I’m excited to purchase these to hoop in.  I’ve always used Kobe’s to hoop, but the Kobe 7s threw me off with their stiffness and lack of ankle support.  I tried them on and was instantly against them and switched to Penny’s.  Everyone told me the Kobe 8s were a lot better in every aspect, but once again I passed.  But these Kobe 9s look like they’re in their own category.  There are three key features: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarion.  These features create an outstanding lightweight performance.  Also, great ankle support which is not common with Kobe’s.  Maybe it was inspired by his injuries this year, but either way THESE ARE A MUST COP! Go get yours!


Here we have Kobe’s Adidas Crazy 1s.  These are releasing 2/7/14 and retailing at $125.  These are not my type of style, but were worthy enough to make New Shoe Friday based on the fact Kobe won his first title in Adidas Crazy 1s.  I will say the snow-white colorway looks good and they are affordable, but as far as the design they are too plain.  Will these be your next pick up?


Next, the Spiderman Foamposites.  These are releasing 2/8/14 and retailing at $250.  Foamposites are definitely up with Jordans, LeBrons, Kobes and other top named shoes in popularity.  I come across several Foams on all the shoe communities I’m apart of every day.  Despite the hype, I’ve never owned a pair.  The designs always look unique and the shoes appearance is always fresh, but they’re just not something I could rock. The only Foams I’ve tried to get were the cocaine white ones.  Look those up if you haven’t seen them.  Anyways, if your into foams I’d pick these up.  Superhero theme and the design looks crisp.  Can’t go wrong.


The classic Tiffanys colorway returns. These drop 2/8/14 and are retailing at $108.  These are supposed to be identical to the original Nike SB Tiffanys in all aspects, but now in a high top.  If you didn’t cop the originals then you missed out.  The original colorway was such a classic that they had to bring it back.  These are a must have. Go purchase these.  Enough said.

zAT Finally, the LeBron 11 Atomics.  These come out 2/7/14 and retail at $200.  LeBron is considerably the best player in the league.  Many are fans of his playing as well as his shoes.  These 11s come in mostly atomic orange with navy blue over the laces, Nike swoosh, and other minor details.  You know my stance on LeBrons, but if you own a pair why not add another to your collection.


New Shoe Friday

Another Friday, another batch of new kicks to check out. My buddy Richy breaks it down.

Thank God it’s Friday. We made it.  Here are some of the new kicks coming out next week:


It’s a shame he’s out of the game, but at least he has some dope shoes still coming out.  Starting off New Shoe Friday we have three “Tiger” designs for the Adidas Rose 4.5’s releasing 1/30/14 and retailing at $140. First, the carbon/solar zest/gray color way for a natural Tiger look. Second, the metallic silver/scarlet color way and third the black/white/scarlet color way.  I like all of them based off their great designs and colors.  Never owned a pair myself, but hope they have good support for ACLs.

reebok-insta-pump-fury-black-hypergreen-red1-570x418I had to post these because their design looks like no other shoes out.  These will definitely be an acquired taste, but hey, if you can pull them off why not rock them?  Introducing the Reebok Insta Pump Fury 20th Anniversary OGs.  I like how the hyper green color accents the red and black and they look comfy.  No price is set yet, but they are releasing 1/31/14.  Go get yours!

Kevin Durant’s shoes aren’t my style personally nike-kd-vi-bhm-black-history-month-650x400and feel stiff to hoop in.  I’ve always hooped in Kobe’s or Penny’s, but I do know a lot of people that do play in the KD’s and love them.  Not to mention he’s one of the most dominant players in the NBA right now.  With that being said, here are Nike’s KD VI BHMs, made to honor Black History Month.  They release 2/1/14 and are retailing at $130. With a dominant purple and metallic gold color way are these going to be your next pick up?

zL1 zL2

Also honoring Black History Month, we have the LeBron 11 BHMs releasing 2/1/14 and retailing at $200.  I would get these over the KDs just because the design is way better and I like how the purple accents the anthracite. The metallic gold Nike swoosh tops it all off.  Not a LeBron fan at all, but his last couple shoes are bringing me closer…


New Shoe Friday

I wrote on the writers page that I’d have a guy cover the fashion side of This is the Life so he’s gonna kick it off his top shoe releases for the upcoming week. Everyone knows shoes make the man so we’re bringing you only the best.


Starting off New Shoe Friday we have the “Reflection’s” from the Kobe 8 Prelude Pack.  They are set to release on 1/25/14 retailing at $200.  The color way is unique with the multi-color/volt- chrome and a great design.   If you’re into Kobe’s I wouldn’t miss these.


Next we have the Jordan 10 “Infrared’s.” These are set to release 1/25/14 and are retailing at $170. Personally, I think Nike is overdoing it with so many 10 releases.  There are still a couple more colorways coming out within a month.  Flooding the market with 10’s.  But hey, if this is your type of style and colorway then why not buy?


Finally, we have the LeBron 11 “Graffiti’s” set to release 1/25/14 and retailing at $200.  I’m not big on LeBron’s and have never purchased a pair.  Rather get some Kobe’s. But I know how many people do so this is for you! I will say, they do have a dope colorway! Maybe I will get them…