New Shoe Friday

j2ic j2icII

Kicking off New Shoe Friday we have the classic Air Jordan 2 design dropping 4/12/14 and will be retailing at $170.  The Jordan 2 style is an acquired taste.  I’ve seen people that love them and others that despise them.  The design of the shoe is a not really comparable to any other Jordan’s and is not considered most fashionable.  Although, I believe their unique make-up is worth collecting and rocking with whatever you wear.  Let’s get into the new color way releasing next Saturday.  These Jordan 2s will have the original cement pattern mixed with infrared, hence the name, Jordan 2 Infrared Cements.  Black leather goes through the middle and upper parts of the shoe giving them a remarkable color scheme.  I would cop these just because Jordan 2s rarely drop and the color way sure does stand out.

k9tcII k9tc

Bet you could guess what other shoe is coming out next Friday.  Another color way for the Kobe 9 Elites!  The Kobe 9 Elite Team Collections will be dropping 4/11/14 and will retail at $225.  These conform to the classic Lakers colors of purple, white and gold.  I’ve wrote so many pieces on the Kobe 9s that I think you know where I stand.  You like to hoop? Get them.  You like traditional Lakers colors? Get them.  Don’t mind spending $225 for some shoes? Get them.  They’ll only benefit you.  Have a great Friday everyone!



Friendly Reminder: Don’t believe a damn thing you read today


I don’t think it really needs to be said because any fan with a rational brain knows the drill for today, but I’ll say it anyways. Nothing posted today is true until it’s true tomorrow as well. Let’s not forget that people legitimately thought Jim Harbaugh was launching a clothing line last year and that the Memphis Grizzlies signed an 8′ center to the team. Everything today is bullshit, so just keeps your head down and wait for it all to die down. Even if an official spokesman or someone involved with the team is heavily backing something, don’t fall for it. Even your closest friends and family can’t be trusted. Nothing major will happen today because if someone wants to be taken seriously, they’re not gonna make a major announcement on a day dedicated to lies.


Possibly the worst answer in Jeopardy history


Holy shit bro give up on everything. Just call it a day because there is no coming back from this. I don’t think there is a worse possible answer to this question. I just can’t even fathom how you could associate Magic Johnson with hockey. Magic is tall and black, two words that have never been used to describe a hockey player. Even if you’re not a fan of hockey, you know who Wayne Gretzky is and how little he has in common with Magic Johnson. If anyone asks you a trivia question about hockey, Wayne Gretzky is the answer like 90% of the time. Dude holds almost every conceivable record for the sport. I guess this guy went on to win, so first thing he should do with those winnings is invest in an almanac. Or at least upgrade his cable package to include ESPN so he doesn’t look like an idiot next time someone asks him a sports-related question in the future.

Not a hockey player

Subway has got to be kidding me with these ‘flatizza’ commercials

When I started this blog, I never imagined I would devote any time to dumb TV commercials. But ever since March Madness started I’ve basically been watching TV for 12 straight hours a day and have seen plenty of dumb commercials. The KFC ‘selfie’ commercials are pretty bad and absolutely relentless (there’s a new one every week it seems like), but these Subway commercials are in a class of their own.

First of all, where does Subway get off acting like they invented flatbread pizza? 10 seconds of Googling tells me some chick blogged a recipe for it over 2 years ago. You didn’t invent shit Subway. Unless by ‘invent’ you mean you combined the two words of something that already exists to pass it off as new. If that’s all invent means than I just invented a new sandwich. It has bacon, lettuce, and tomato and I call it the bacletto. This new and completely original sandwich was invented by me and only available at my restaurant.

Secondly, if Subway just came out and said “Pizza places are making sandwiches so we’re making pizzas now. Gotta diversify nigga”, I would have 1000% more respect for them. Completely missed the opportunity to get the Wu-tang Clan back on the air and that is straight up unforgivable.


The No Fun League strikes again: Dunking on the goalposts will now be a penalty



From Paul Pabst’s twitter feed. The NFL is really trying to take all the fun out of scoring a touchdown. It seems like every year they ban some kind of celebration. First it was dancing, then it was group celebrations, now dunking. What’s next to go? If they ban spiking the ball, there will literally be no celebrations left to do. It’s gonna get to the point that if a player does anything other than immediately run off the field, the refs are gonna throw a flag. It’s ridiculous.

The future of touchdown celebrations

I remember the good old days (and by that I mean like 5 years ago) when players like TO and Ocho Cinco made touchdown celebrations an art. Who could forget the classics:

Sad, sad day for happiness in the NFL.

The custom jersey barrage just won’t stop: Durham Bulls are breaking out the R2-D2 jerseys



Article– I don’t know when the love affair started between minor league sports teams and crazy custom jerseys, but I for one hope it never ends. Whether it’s bacon gear, TMNT jerseys, or whatever, I love it. Doesn’t matter the team or the sport these jerseys will never get old. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

I am so goddamn tired of these KFC ‘selfie’ commercials

Don’t know why these commercials make me so mad, but they do. I think it’s mostly because I find it offensive that KFC assumes anyone would buy their food and be so excited about it that they start firing off SnapChats. It’s such an absurd assumption. I’ve eaten fast food almost all my life because I like a burger from time to time I’m poor and can’t afford better, and never once have I been so blown away by the food that I felt the need to tell everyone. Not once. When you eat fast food there is no excitement. There is no happiness. There is only self-loathing and pain. Shoving mystery meat that was prepared by high school dropouts into your mouth is not something you broadcast to the world. You hate yourself for stooping to the lowest rung of food on the planet, then your asshole punishes you hours later for your terrible decision. Get this shit off my TV.